I have never…

I have never studied the stars like Vincent
Or made the woods my home like Thoreau.
I have never studied language like Hamann
Or studied The Word like Kierkegaard.
I have never imitated The Way like Merton
Or embraced poverty like Dorothy Day.
I have never loved the little ones like Mr Rogers
Or led with vulnerability like Nouwen.
I have never known poverty like St. Francis of Assisi
Or sacrificed like Ghandi.
I have never chosen suffering like Simone Weil
Or given forgiveness like Frederick Douglass.
I have never had patience like Harriet Jacobs
Or the courage of Harriet Tubman.
I have never found myself in the wild like Muir
Or planted seeds of wisdom like Wendell Berry.
I have never pondered truth like Khalil Gibran
Or wrote of love like King David.
I have never sought knowledge like Emerson
Or written of beauty like Wordsworth.
I have never had hope like Dickinson
Or enjoyed pleasure like Walt Whitman.
I have never studied humans like Shakespeare
Or asked questions like Rainer Maria Rilke.
I have never had the faith of Abraham
Or the trust of Joseph.
I have never loved like The Good Samaritan
Or knelt down like prodigal son.
But I have listened to these witnesses of truth
And I have never been more encouraged
To follow The Way, The Truth and The Life.

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