Nature’s Purity

“In nature, everything is unconditional obedience. The sighing of the wind, the echo of the forest, the murmuring of the brook, the hum of summer, the whispering of the leaves, the hiss of the grass, every sound, every sound you hear, it is all compliance, unconditional obedience, so that in it you can hear God as you can hear him in the music of the obedient movement of the heavenly bodies. And the impetuous turbulence of wind, the light pliability of the clouds, the dripping fluidity and cohesiveness of the sea, the speed of a ray of light, and the even greater speed of sound: all this is obedience. And the rise of the sun at a given hour, and its setting at a given hour, and the shift of the wind at God’s command, and the rise and fall of the tides at set times, and the agreement of the seasons of the year in their precise alternation: everything, everything, everything is obedience. Yes, were there a star in the heavens that wanted to have its own will, or a speck of dust on earth: they are instantly annihilated, and with equal ease. For in nature everything is nothing, understood in the sense that there is nothing other than God’s unconditional will; at the same instant that it is not unconditionally God’s will, it has ceased to exist.” Soren Kierkegaard

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