Bradshaw Creek

There’s just something about you
That bids me come and see
To step into your gentle current
And trust your transparency…

So I slip off my shoes
And take a chance
Gingerly stepping into
Your whimsical dance…

Your cool waters are calm
And around me they roll
Offering me a place to stop
And drink deeply from your soul…

In you I stand
Together, we are one
Playing in the shadows
Shimmering in the sun…

I watch you closely
Carrying history into the present
Holding onto the mystery
Moving continuously
Keeping the balance
Speaking in rhythm and rhyme
Following the narrow path
Embracing your vulnerable design…

There’s something about you
That draws me deeper in
Your gentleness and strength mingle
And flow over my skin…

I am surrounded by your presence
I stand in your grace
In your rippling face, I see my face
Like you, I am beautiful
Like you, I am grace…

The longer I am here
The quieter I become
My worries wash away
The loneliness also runs…

The moment becomes sacred
I see The Life in your stream
I look backwards and forward
As naked, you wash my feet…

We laugh till we cry
Our water is turned to wine
The eternal thirst is quenched
And we rest in love’s divine
Today, I will one thing
That I am His and He is mine…

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