Green Snap

Sown into the earth
Forced to emerge
I have no choice
But to stand tall
Be Present
Accounted for.

Stuck in the lifeless muck
Wanting desperately to soar
But I am not an eagle
I am just a stalk of corn.

Like the others
I am the same
Together we have grown
In the sun and the rain.

I look at my neighbors
They look neighborly at me
We only see the reflection of ourselves
We are both blind and naive.

Not long ago
I dreamed I moved away
Became someone else
Followed a different way.

Lived through many seasons
Gave birth to death and life
Surrendered to Love and Truth
Made peace with pain and strife.

Time became eternal
I sat still with the end
Who is the alpha of all
We became friends
In spite of…The Fall.

In his arms, I was at home
And ready to lay down
At rest in love’s divine
But then I heard a sound
That woke me from my slumber
And shook me to my core
I wasn’t someone else
I looked the same as before.

Confused and heartbroken
Not knowing what to say
Standing in the field
I began to pray
To the one whose love I felt
And arms that I had laid.

I asked to know the truth…
Had it all been but a dream
Was the entire journey
Not what it had seemed.

Desperate and despairing
I bent down
With infinite resignation
I looked at my dying crown.

But it was not dying
It was on fire and I was too
Burning so brightly
Alas, the day of my doom.

The blaze went high
Still, I did not die
Though I was on fire
I was fully alive.

As the sun rose up
Covering me in its golden rays
I saw my new self
Full of beauty and of faith.

Though I look no different
Than I did before
I am different
I believe I can soar
Like an eagle with great wings
Though I am… just a stalk of corn.

What do I do now
Knowing these things
Do I stand here and die
As nature merrily sings
Her song of hope and of joy
Is she completely unaware
That we’re damned near destroyed.

But what do I do
How do I leave
How do I stay
Am I invisibly chained
To death’s old way.
Unable to move forward
I strain to look out
I strain to to look up
And beyond the horizon
In time to see my luck.

Hopelessness has rolled in
Filling the sky with darkness
Threatening the possibility
Of blinding me once again
To love’s responsibilities.

At once I remember,
The way to fight darkness
And avoid the green snap
Is to be truth and love
Where you are at
With mercy respond
In fear, don’t react.

Though it may seem
We are stuck in the mire
Freely we can imitate truth
And set our fields on fire.

We don’t need poison
To kill the weeds
We just need to remember
There’s holiness in our seeds.

And, we don’t need fertilizer
To make life grow
If we receive and give love
Then our leaves will soar
To new heights and new places
That we have not seen
Redeeming even another life
That we thought was- but a dream.

DeeAnn Dean

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