Morning dreaming

I want to plant seeds of truth in people’s hearts. I want to water them with love. It’s funny that I grew up on farm and I barely planted anything but I have this deep hunger to create a space of love and truth for people to become their best selves. I want us to remember what is really beautiful, good and true, and what deserves to be honored and celebrated.

No offense, but I don’t want anymore advice or opinions. I don’t want access to your pics but no access or opportunity for a real relationship. There is something extremely insane about knowing so much about each other and knowing that we don’t know each other at all.

We have forgotten how we are designed to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is not posting a makeup free pic on social media nor is it something we do to get a result. Vulnerability is part of our natural design that creates a space for us to be and become our best selves through the relationship with creation and creatures.

Vulnerability is part of our natural design that allows for the connection that comes from sharing the truth that flows out of our spirits, hearts, minds and bodies. Why do we waste so much time and energy posting our opinions, fragments of ourselves and our curated consumer lifestyles, when we could be creating places to share our hopes, dreams, doubts and fears.

I don’t know about you but I have a deep hunger for conversations with people, who are living how they are designed. I need people, who know they are weak, needy, fragile, vulnerable, sensitive, desperate and dependent on love. I want to find people who are committed to courageously moving to give their experience, strength and hope and who make it part of a daily practice of health.

I desperately want a chance to make friends and grow relationships that help me to become more of who I am designed to be and less of who I often times pretend to be. I want so much more than a girls night out, another glass of wine or shared dessert, and an empty night void of anything that would nourish my spirit, heart, mind and body.

Who isn’t starving for conversations that are of full of hope, joy, love and truth? Whether we realize it or not, we are desperate people who need living and breathing people, who are just as desperate as us. Don’t you want more than a like or comment? Don’t you want people to surround you who encourage, inspire, nourish and help you remember who you are and help you practice the basics of health to help you become the most amazing person you are naturally designed to be.

Please give us a chance to know each other and let’s create a community of human beings who are committed to health, hope and healing. Join me for a different conversation and an opportunity to participate in community working hard to cultivate the love for ourselves and for one another.

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