The Movement of Faith

That’s where she landed
And where she took root
Going down first
To anchor herself in the humus
Before she cast her eyes up
Toward that bright and beautiful sun.

Except when she looked up
There was no sun
And day after day
There was no light
Guiding her way
Or setting her course
Hopeless she looked down
And fell into remorse.

And she pondered…
All the days gone by
Standing in the shadow
She started to cry
Because deep down she knew
Death was nearby.

In the midst of her sobs
She heard a strange sound
That seemed like it was coming
Right out of the ground
Or was it above her
She had not a clue
But she stopped her crying
Because she was scared and confused.

Not knowing what was happening
But sure it was the end
She stood deathly silent
And quietly listened
To a still small voice
That whispered her name
And promised a future
For her to claim.

If only she jumped
With all her might
Through her shadowy grave
Without any sight.

So she made the movement
Of the absurd
Leaping into the darkness
As the mystery nettled
And out the other side
Landing onto some metal.

Blinded by the light
Yet able to see
And for the first time
She felt completely free
To live her life
Guided by the sun
Climbing onwards and upwards
Until each day was done.

And with each new morning
She begins her ascent
Twisting and turning
Creeping and crawling
Reaching and straining
With all her might
Never giving up
Or losing sight
Of what she could be
Or what could see
If she could keep on going
Inch by inch by inch
And sooner or later
Reach the top of that fence.

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