Let Food Be Thy Gift

I wrote a series of posts to confront the diet and fitness industry and the way they have helped to sabotage health by promoting and marketing a formula that has not worked to prevent, reverse or treat diet-related disease and sickness. In fact, we are experiencing an epidemic level of sickness, disease and breakdown in the midst of an economy that has more hospitals, doctors, health administrators, gyms, diet centers, information, hacks, superfoods, health tips, trainers, diets, workouts, bootcamps, wellness centers and access to food than ever before.


Because we have replaced the practice of health with a fragmented weight loss formula, and we have disconnected ourselves from the truth and love that we desperately need to be healthy. In order for us to have any opportunity to restore our health, we must resurrect the definition of health and rebuild the foundation needed to trust our practice, trust our design and trust ourselves to give our spirits, hearts, minds and bodies the things they need to be nourished.

Remember, health does not begin with food or workouts but with knowing who we are and how we are naturally designed to be healthy, whole and holy human beings. Check out my free ebook “Let Food Be Thy Gift“ and join me in a new conversation about health.

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