The Way

By DeeAnn Dean

I cannot write for me,
I must write for God.
In writing for God
I write for me
And I write to humanity

I can commit to Truth
To be the Life and the Way
Through which seekers come
And see divine love on display

I can be a contradiction
To the world in which I live
I must be a servant
Giving all that I have to give

I can be like nature
A place of peace and rest
Being fragile and weak
Watching blessings manifest

I can empty out
Laying my lifestyle down
So I can run the race
Carrying a cross and wearing a crown

I can confess my sin
Letting go of all that entangles me
To discover my design
And the truth that sets me free

I can make myself ready
For the temptations that daily come
Not wanting control or power
But for Him to lead me on

I can remember who I am
By remembering Who God is
Perfectly sovereign and good
Full of delight and kindness

I can imitate Jesus
Following His Life, Truth and Way
Loving my neighbor as myself
Refusing the world’s yay and nay

I can be healthy
Though I am poor and weak
Because I am whole and holy
And purity of heart is all I seek

I can be thankful
And not worry or fear
Because in God’s love I am held
Becoming what I hold dear.

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