No Footprints in the Sand

Here I toil in the wind and sun
Planting seeds and tilling land
Working in the mud and dirt
On sinking sand, I do not stand

I have been called to imitate Christ
Trust is not an easy choice
Sacrificing all for the will of another
Heeding the call of my Saviour’s voice

He bids me to dig into life
With the Holy Spirit by my side
To fight against the world
Naked I do not hide
Ashamed I will not be
Confessing my sins
Acknowledging my mistakes
Always bending in humility

He did not ask us to follow him to heaven
He ask us to follow him on earth
Giving ourselves in the time we’re given
Making things new and giving birth

In flesh and blood we live
Burying death
Resurrecting life
Wiping tears
Mending broken hearts
Binding up wounds
Proclaiming fresh starts
Crossing the road
To help our brother
Selling all that we have
To share with another

Unfortunately, life’s verses do not rhyme
Most of the time, they don’t make sense
But God promises not to leave or forsake us
Even when, we’re the most hell-bent

If I am being honest, His Way…
Is definitely no walk in the sand
Jesus promised suffering and rejection
When dragging our cross through this land

I don’t want to hear some lyrical piece
That has hung on wallpapered walls
And Cross-stitched in pillows
That does not acknowledge our falls
Or the war that rages in our hearts
How we still struggle not to eat
The forbidden fruit every single day

What I want is the Truth
I want to know the Way
For my Life to be His
Even when I am not ok

I want to know that Jesus was there
When I had nothing left to lose
And even when I didn’t choose him
That he didn’t let me loose

I want to know that grace is a gift
No single bit of it is earned
And mercy never ceases to exist
When Truth begins to sift us

I want to know that love was the only thing
That filled my heart and changed my will
And there were times
I was smart enough to Be Still

I want to know Jesus
To feel his love swaddle me
As I am holding on by my fingernails
I want to let go and be free

I want to try to will one thing
But even in my trying
I want to know it is God
Who has done everything

When I look back on my life
I know I won’t see footprints in the sand
The marks will show I was dragged by my feet
With God’s awesome and mighty hand.

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