My Body and My Earth

Six years ago, I went through a very hard season that forced me to be honest about how I was treating my body and why I was practicing a different belief system physically than I was spiritually. As I have pursued wisdom and an embodied practice of health and wholeness, I have naturally been reconnected internally and externally to the relationship that I have with myself, others and the world.

Consequently, I have experienced a deep level of awakening and healing in every area of my life. It has taken years and truth have enmeshed in all life and a transformative practice of choice, care, connection, compassion and concern for creature and creation. In this process, I have been led to men, like Wendell Berry, who are amazing witnesses and reminders to the design and connection of all things.

“While we live our bodies are moving particles of the earth, joined inextricably both to the soil and to the bodies of other living creatures. It is hardly surprising, then, that there should be some profound resemblances between our treatment of our bodies and our treatment of the earth” Wendell Berry, The Unsettling of America

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