Fastest ways to loose weight

Being in the diet and fitness industry for 25 years and alive for 46 years, I have seen people shed some real pounds. In thinking about weight loss, I thought I would share with you the 6 fastest ways that I have seen people lose weight. This is not click bait this is the absolute truth.

When it comes strictly to weight loss, there is usually one goal, and that goal is to lose weight as fast as humanly possible. If there’s anything we do not like, then it’s a slow weight loss plan. This is why words like insane, insanity, and extreme have been successfully used in marketing weight loss plans.

Knowing this, I wonder why we haven’t yet seen The Ricky Bobby weight loss plan or the Usain Bolt diet. Seriously, these guys are fast. Surely, we could use these guys to sell the fastest diets ever. But I digress. While we know that low calorie diets can be a very fast way to lose weight depending on how extreme and insane you can be, and that is before you destroy your metabolism doing insane low calorie diet plans, I am here to argue that there are five faster ways to lose weight.

They are… drugs, divorce, death, depression and disease. That’s right, when we are talking about pure weight loss, then these 5 ways are usually the absolute fastest, even faster than 500 calorie/ and pregnancy hormone shot that some upstanding doctors have made a small fortune from. In the future, I might need to add bariatric surgery to my list of the fastest most completely unnatural ways to lose weight, since they have gained so much popularity. The only thing is I am having trouble coming up with describing bariatric surgery with the letter D. I guess I could say “discard” for discarding 50 to 75% of your stomach.

Of course, I am making a point here.

Think about this for a second, diet has the word die in it. Diets ask us to divorce ourselves from our feelings, thoughts and anything that gets in the way of us obeying the diet formula. We have been conditioned to do whatever it takes to lose weight, even if that means taking drugs with potential lethal side effects or just depriving ourselves of the nutrients that we need to prevent, treat and reverse disease and sickness.

The point is that there is nothing natural about the fastest ways to lose weight and there’s nothing good about them either, including “Diets.” Yes, diets is at the top of my list because there’s absolutely nothing more unnatural than reducing your whole person to fit into a weight loss formula that makes food the focus. Diets are no different from divorce, death and disease in that they are just as physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting and destructive to you and your health.

Have you ever wondered if dieting could be one of the main causes of obesity and the epidemics of diet-related disease and sickness? Could it be that diets destroyed our health by forcing us to focus on manipulating calories to lose weight, instead of encouraging us to fill up on the best and most nutritious foods without rules to be healthy?

Have you ever considered that maybe the diet formula actually produced 88% of Americans having some form of diet-related disease and sickness? Do diets produce death, disease, depression, and encourage the use of drugs like speed, Adderall, ephedrine, fat burners, HGH, steroids and cocaine? I am sure if we really dug into the effects of dieting on relational health that we could blame quite a few divorces on dieting.

What I am wanting you to see is that Diets are completely unnatural. Diets are destructive because they are a formula that needs us to be a variable to function. But the problem is that we are not variables, we are living, breathing, thinking and feeling human beings. We are not naturally designed to diet just like we are not naturally designed to experience death, divorce and disease. This is why these experiences are so devastating to our spirits, minds, hearts, bodies and relationships. This why we lose weight going through these events.

So, where do we go from here?

Let’s start with no more diets. No more sabatoging our physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and relational health to lose weight. Return to the basics of health and remember who you are and how you are naturally designed to be healthy, whole and human. Life is hard enough, we don’t need to destroy our spirits, hearts, minds and bodies trying to Ricky Bobby our weight loss

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