Remember Who You Are

Remember The Truth

Our lives are means to a perfect end. There are no bookends but the beginning, middle and end are cradled in Eternity, infused with divinity. Like creation, we are the medium in which the Divine indirectly passes through wrapped in swaddling clothes, hidden in our language, feelings, thoughts and actions. Our bodies are holy temples, and behind this earthly veil lives and breathes our greatest gifts. Our lives were designed to witness to the Truth, to inspire and be inspired, and to receive and give all the riches of Heaven (love and truth) in thought, word, and deed.

Our duty is to serve the creator, creature and creation by creating the space to encourage, nourish and care for the health of all things. Only in serving, do we become the individual, the friend, the family member, and the neighbor, who we are purposely designed to be. Only through faith do our lives make sense and we can be free to follow the Way, the Truth and Life.

This is your life, and today is the medium of which you share your whole, healthy and holy self. May all your thoughts, words and actions heal, help and remind of us of a higher calling that does not raise us above this day or above others to judge and accuse, nor into the horizontal and wasteful life of consumerism, competition and comparison but leads us down into the lives of our neighbors who are desperate, needy and weak (like us). May your veil be transparent as glass and the light of God shine through you like the sun to illuminate the darkness, wherever it lies and wherever you go.

DeeAnn Dean


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