Can you curate rhythm?
Write it in a journal?
Speak it into being?
Do something to produce it?

Is that what nature does?
Or God?
Does He instruct us
On how to control the visible and invisible?

Perhaps, there’s a formula
He forgot to mention
That produces rhythm
You just need effort
And, of course
An expert.

Isn’t that what we are told
“If we just do (x), then we get y)”
With just the right concentration
We can do anything we desire.

But…what if that’s not true
And the more you try to get rhythm
The more out of rhythm you become
Because rhythm is not a result of doing
But of being undone.

It’s a dance of sorts
Of moving two left feet
Listening to heaven’s music
Being absorbed into the beat.

Did you know that rhythm
Naturally occurs in our being
It is an internal vibration of rest
That flows through our skin

When we know who we are
And we live how we’re designed
We experience an alignment
Not calculated by reasons or men.

But that’s just the start of rhythm’s truth
It cannot happen all by itself
It’s needs balance and weight
Commitment and consistency
Freedom to move
Peace, patience, kindness, goodness
Faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Rhythm is interconnected
Interdependent and interrelated
To all our internal and external parts
To understand rhythm
We must know our hearts

But that is not all
Our spirits must be full of love
Truth must guide our minds
As we work in the dirt
Trusting in the Divine.

To speak of Rhythm independently
Of the whole is absurd
To believe it is ours to alter
Is to forget heaven’s chord
Vibrating from the One
Singing loudly over us
Creating rhythm in the Son.

Rhythm is a gift, it is ours to find
In our human being design
Living in holy poverty
Imitating God’s only begotten.

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