The Gift OF Vive Alchemy

I have been in a very weird place the last few years. It feels like I have been growing and birthing a baby. However, I am not actually having a human baby (for the fourth time) but I have been watching my whole life come together to create VIVE Alchemy. See, Vive Alchemy is not really a business. I did not create something to make money or find a new angle to do what I have always done. No, VIVE Alchemy is my truth and it is not only just my truth spiritually, but my truth emotionally, mentally, physically and relationally. It is all of me and all things past (experiences, skills, mistakes, successes) merging with all things present to create something tangible that can live, grow and evolve beyond me.

How does all of this come together (everything in the past, who I am, what I believe, dreams, hopes passions and truth) to become something I can hold in my hands and then share with the world? Honestly, I cannot begin to tell you exactly how all this has happened other than ALCHEMY (which is why it’s the name of my health process. I don’t know if you are familiar with alchemy but it is a mysterious process of taking basic elements and combining them in just the right way to make gold.

My life has not been so much of a journey but more of a process like alchemy. This process has taken my basic truths (my design, past mistakes, successes, hopes, dreams, passions, dislikes, likes, fears, weaknesses, strengths, skills, talents, experiences and who I am) and put me in the hands of the divine Alchemist, who has done what He does best and worked all things for my good. During this process, not only has the idea of control been ripped completely out of my hands but I have been exposed at very deep levels.

Yet, this was where I found myself weak, vulnerable, needy, fragile, transparent, desperate and dependent on something bigger than me to discover just exactly who I was, how I was designed to live and what I was designed to give to the world. It seems that all the ways that I had tried to fill myself up with strength, independence, toughness, security and control just got in the way of me being me and living the life of love I was designed for.

I do believe you find your true-self when all the performing, earning and proving stops and you are forced to live how you are naturally designed as a human being. It’s here, in this mysterious place where you discover the best parts of you and even the worst parts of you. In other words, it is here where you can be honest, which in turn, creates the space to be known and accepted.

As the process continues- when we are known and accepted, truth and love will naturally overflow to transform us, our relationships, our communities and our world. This is exactly what has happened to me. Everything that I hid behind or ran to for cover had to be removed, so that I could stand in this wide-open space butt-ass naked to see love shining through my weakness, vulnerability, neediness and desperation to create it’s own gift of love and truth, called my experience, strength and hope- a gift I can and want to give to you.

So welcome friends, VIVE Alchemy is me and it is my gift to you to remember who you are and how you are naturally designed to be a healthy, whole and holy human being.

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