Health Truths

Ok, hold on a minute. Let’s give the medical industry a little break. It is true that most doctors receive little to no formal education on nutrition. Likewise, the prevention of disease has (in the past) received little support or interest in the medical community. But…it’s not really their fault. Why? Because they did not attend medical school to prevent sickness and disease but to treat it. Come on now, no one watches Grey’s Anatomy to see a bunch of healthy people walking around talking to doctors about their good health.

Still, at some point, someone made a decision that it was more profitable to continue treating disease and sickness, and pills were a lot easier to prescribe than prevention. But in so doing, the medical community created a space void of leadership, research and real authority that has since been filled up with thousands of self-proclaimed health and wellness “experts.”

No doubt, there was a real demand for help when diet-related disease began to rise. But our diet and fitness “experts” have since oversupplied the market with an endless amount of formulas, programs, potions, and products that have completely fragmented our understanding and approach to health and wellness. Consequently, the results have been nothing less than an epidemic of extremely bad results and an overload of confusing and contradicting misinformation.

In Tennessee and throughout our country, obesity and other diet-related sicknesses and diseases are at epidemic levels in youth and adults. Yet, how can this be when we live at a time with more access to information, diets, workouts, hacks, tips, technology and diet foods than at any time in human history? In fact, our workouts or more insane than ever, diets come in all shapes and sizes, and fitness experts are everywhere.

Could it be that these experts and their extreme approaches to health have led us to believe that to be healthy means that we must spend all our time in the gym, make our workouts hurt, eat in extreme ways, always diet and be obsessed with both our bodies and food? Is it because health looks and feels so unnatural and requires so much time, energy, rules, restrictions, reps, sets, supplements and effort that people have just given up any hope of being healthy? Is this why apathy is at epidemic levels too?

What if I told you that to be healthy, you must stop trying to control your body and trust its design? What if I said that spending all that time in the gym working on your body or your booty does not necessarily prevent, treat or reverse diet-related sickness or disease? What if I told you that walking is the perfect exercise and all this excessive training does not necessarily lead to a healthier or happier you? What if I told you that all these “experts and gurus” telling you what to do are just as confused about health as they need you to be in order to profit off your confusion?

Seriously, I don’t know how a bodybuilder diet and workout made its way into mainstream America or how ketosis is something a person would even consider before eating natural and whole foods.

Today, 88% of Americans have some form of diet-related disease and sickness, 74% of Americans are overweight or obese, 1 in 10 Americans eat the RDA of fruit and vegetables, 3% of Americans eat the RDA of fiber. And all this has happened under the instruction of supplement companies, fad diets, the diet and fitness industry, the health and wellness industry, and the government. Perhaps, it’s time that we took a look at the people telling us what to do and more specifically, what they are telling us to do and why.

Here’s the thing…Truth matters, context matters, reasons matter, language matters and distinctions matter. It’s time we understood the difference between what it means to train for a sport, what it actually takes to build muscle to get a specific physique and what it takes to prevent, treat and reverse diet-related disease and sickness. It’s time to set people free from a superficial and fragmented definition of health, and set people free to Practice The Basics to nourish our whole person. It’s also time to have an honest conversation about weight gain, obesity, and inactivity without it shaming people.

Truth is to be healthy and fit:

  • You don’t have to lift weights.
  • You don’t have to go to the gym.
  • You don’t have to diet or exercise extremely hard.
  • You do have to stop using food as a means to end.
  • You do have to break-up with your bad relationship with food.
  • You should stop listening to the diet and fitness industry.
  • You don’t have to do CrossFit, run a marathon or do a headstand to be healthy.
  • You do have to start using your brain and listening to your body.

Health is the practice of truth and love. So, let’s start our practice by telling the truth.

  • All these workouts are based on theories.
  • We have been led to believe in a very fragmented formula and in out-dated training programs that break us down physically, mentally, emotionally and relationally.
  • Being in shape or skinny will not make all your dreams come true nor does it mean you are free of diet-related sickness and disease.
  • Being overweight is not a joke and weight gain should be taken seriously.
  • Diets are based on weight loss theories that are proven to increase your risks of obesity.
  • In 2018, the medical community just started figuring out the importance of gut health and how we are destroying our health with a high protein/low carb diet.
  • Core training is a myth.
  • HIIT training is no better than cleaning your house.
  • Most diet and fitness “experts” are not telling you the truth about what they have to do on a daily basis to look and lift like they do.
  • Most doctors are uninformed when it comes to any type of understanding of nutrition and fitness.
  • Boot camps are an extreme and unnecessary way to burn a small number of calories while setting you up for short-term injury and long-term breakdown.
  • You aren’t burning as many calories as your fitness watch says.
  • Most supplements are useless and most likely dangerous.
  • Most likely the girl or guy, who you don’t know, but you follow on Instagram does extreme things, has the genetics, does the surgeries, uses photoshop, knows how to pose, takes the pills and has the time to do things that most people cannot do to look the way they do.
  • You cannot out-exercise a bad diet.
  • Food won’t save you.
  • Information is powerless to change the real reasons that we are addicted to food.
  • Formulas and programs do not work for us living, breathing, feeling and thinking human beings.
  • You already have everything you need to be healthy.

Health starts with truth and the truth is that there is a way to be healthy that does not require a lot of time, energy or money but does require your participation as a whole person. Your health is not only in your hands, but in your spirit, heart, mind, body and relationships.

It’s time to trust your design and stop trusting people who just want to sell you a diet, a to-do list, a workout program, and a formula that reduces you to a result.

Only truth can help us rediscover how we are designed to VIVE by remembering who we are and how we are naturally designed to be healthy, whole, holy and human.

Are you ready to see just how deep the rabbit-hole goes? Fed A Lie

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