Myth of a Christian nation

From Soren Kierkegaard (1815-1855)

In the Republic Socrates constantly employs a metaphor from the beehive to describe the pernicious members of society.
This image fits the whole of Christendom and the official clergy admirably. They are just consumers, living off Christianity and giving the appearance of nourishing and serving Christianity, while their ardour and zeal never exceed what pays. This is the most dangerous form of falsification of all—of abandonment (XI 2 A 416).

“Any attempt directed at bringing about a Christian state, a Christian nation, is by its very nature un-Christian, anti-Christian, since all such efforts are possible only through reducing the specification for being Christian—which is just why it opposes Christianity and is directed at bringing about the specious pretext that all are Christians, which makes it so easy to be one (XI 2 A 373). “ Soren Kierkegaard

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