Rest and Remember

Except from ‘Let Food Be Thy Gift.’

Have we have forgotten that food is a gift and not a means to an end?

Have we forgotten that we desperately need to spend time with our friends and family to remember who we are, how we are designed to be and live, and to become our best selves?
Are we healthy? Do we even know what health means or what it means to be healthy?
This is your opportunity to create the space to ask questions and to truthfully answer questions. We are never going to be healthy or find rest, if we cannot tell the truth about our own health.

I am begging you to stop listening to the nonsense. Health does not start with a diet or workout. Health starts with the love and truth that lives inside of us and that sets us free to be and to become our best selves. We cannot transform our health through external doing but only by creating a space to remember how love and truth flows through basic things to mysteriously transform the humble and mundane, and that we (human beings) are designed to be basic, humble and somewhat mundane. And it is only through our basic, humble and mundane beings and doings that we can participate in the mystery of receiving and giving the love and truth that transforms us, our neighbors, our communities and our world.

Let me help you remember who you are and how you are designed to be healthy by being receivers and givers of love and truth.

I want to be your friend and help you remember that every thing you do means something and it has an impact on you, on me, on our neighbor and on our world. Everything is connected and one word, one bite, one step and one friend can be the beginning of transformation. Yes, just one friend can give us the encouragement and nourishment that we need to love ourselves. Just like food and exercise, friends are divine gifts that help us to remember what truth and love taste like, smells like, sounds like, looks like and feels like. Friends are the most powerful sources of remembrance, hope, joy, help and healing.
We are never going to be healthy without healthy relationships.

The truth is that I need you and you need me to have a new conversation that helps us all to remember who we are and how we are designed to be healthy and whole as human being, friends, families and communities.

Relationships create the space to give and receive truth and to remember that health isn’t something we do. Health is who we are.

Only truth can set us free to be human, become our best selves and live in peace with our neighbor. To be healthy is to be whole and to be whole is to be a human being. Health DOES NOT begin with blueberries and burpees but with rediscovering a deep love for yourself. If you want to be healthy, then love yourself with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and then love your neighbor like you love yourself.

Create the space to get to know yourself and to give yourself the things that nourish you, fill you up and set you free to rest, and then help others to remember who they are and how they are designed to be healthy, whole and human too.

Remember, health cannot be prescribed, programmed and produced by a product or formula but it can only be practiced in real time, in a real space and with real people.

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