I live in the shadow
Of God’s love
I am the rose
Of Sharon

My beloved is mine
And I am his
Together we lie
In green pastures

Our love runs deep
Wild and free
Leading me
By still waters
I become a lily
Of the valleys

On a broad place I stand
My roots grow deep
In his bosom I rest
By his right hand
I am restored
Through his land
I saunter
Collecting manna
Bending down to drink
The Life’s waters
Being transformed
By his beauty
Shining through all creation
By his grace, I remember

This world is my home
I am not just passing through
My neighbor needs me
There is work to do

I have been given a gift
The gift of eternity
It is my life- it is me
I am the gift
I give and receive

My youth returns
I have become a child
The wine skin continues to age
In this eleventh hour
Even so, I dig into my place
And open my mouth
Stretching out my hands
Truth ebbs and flow through me
I am weak but He is strong
The world grows silent
But I hear His song

Through water and air
The chorus is heard
A cacophony of verses burst forth
From the insects and the birds

But creation and its creatures
All have something to say
Whether it’s sounds or colors
Rustling or humming
Buzzes or tweets
It perfectly synchronizes
Into His divine beat

Nature’s conductor
Invites us to sing
With voices and heartbeats
Thoughts and feelings

Even our work
Has rhythm and rhyme
Mending and baking
Building and making
Painting and writing
Tilling and planting
Harvesting and cooking
Hoping and dreaming
Binding and loving
Forms our notes
And strengthens our throats
To sing our own parts
Not regurgitate quotes


If purity of heart is to will one thing
And that one thing is good
Let me love God with the gifts I am given
To love my neighbor as I should
Righting the wrongs
Seeking the lost
Serving the poor
Whatever the cost

This the work
We are called to do
To participate in the making
Of all things new

As I sit here and ponder
The day ahead
I recall the truth
And eat The Bread


Love is grown in the shadows
Not in the world’s spotlight
It is only behind God’s back
Our lives shine blindingly bright.

-DeeAnn Dean
Nov 18, 2020

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