What can we do today?

We cannot control what is happening but we can control how we are responding to whatever is happening.

It is important to remember that we do have a choice and we can choose to respond with truth and love, even in the worst of circumstances.

Yet, the ONLY way we can make the choice to respond in truth and love in extraordinary situations and circumstances is when we have practiced that response over, over and over again in the ordinary circumstances and relationships of our everyday lives, particularly in the relationship with our own self.

If we are not responding with truth and love to our own guilt, pain, shame, fear and emotions, then it will be nearly impossible to do it to another person or in a more desperate situation. Response requires us to know ourselves and it is this knowing of ourselves that invites us to accept ourselves. This is called intimacy.

It is in this intimate relationship with ourselves that space is created for us to develop compassion and empathy, and it is compassion and empathy that enables us to respond in truth and love to ourselves and our neighbor. Compassion and empathy are only produced through personal experience with ourselves and from receiving truth and love from a higher power. People who have not received love and truth cannot give love and truth to themselves-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually-or to others.

Every thought, word and deed overflows from a spirit that EITHER moves out of fear OR one that moves out of love and truth. If our spirit moves out of love and truth, then we will always have an infinite amount of love and truth, compassion and empathy to respond to guilt, shame, fear, pain and hate. As a result, we will be people of life, love, truth and hope. We will love our neighbor and we will stop speaking in divisive ways. Yes, we will be the healthy, whole and holy spaces that the world desperately needs to find help and healing.

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