Diets-The very definition of insanity

What if the current definition of health is what has caused 88% of Americans to have some form of diet-related disease and sickness? What if the manifestation of sickness and disease in individuals reflects and determines sickness and disease in our relationships, communities and country. When you look at diet-related disease and sickness then you’ll find it is one thing that we hold in common. It transcends gender, age, race, ethnicities, political, social, economic and religious distinctions. Why?

Because…we are the same at some level. Perhaps, the most basic level and we struggle with fear, guilt, shame and pain that comes from not knowing who we are and how we are naturally designed to be healthy healthy, whole, holy and human.

Perhaps, the reason we cannot have a civil and unemotional talk about politics is because we cannot have a civil and unemotional conversation about our diets, the foods that make us sick or the sickness that has now visibly manifested itself in 88% of Americans.

Why can’t we have an honest conversation about what is the number killer in our country and what is making us very vulnerable to the Coronavirus is what’s at the root of our political divisions? Why can’t we look at the results of our diets on our spirits, hearts, minds, bodies, relationships, children, schools, communities, businesses, country, environment and world?

Have you seen the costs of diet-related disease and sickness and the future projections? Costs that are spread equally to every single American.

There is no moral high ground in a country that suffers from this much diet-related disease and sickness. Likewise, there is no Republican or Democratic government that can save us from consuming ourselves and our world to death.

Diets….a way of using foods as a means to our ever changing ends and reducing health to a result that we think we can perpetually manipulate with food and exercise is what Albert Einstein calls insanity. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Stop dieting, stop focusing on food, stop reducing health to a result, food to calories and your body to a machine. You can do this if and when you stop believing the lie.

Fed A Lie-

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