Built on a lie or The Truth

The following is part of a series of posts and essays from a collection that I have written titled “Let Food be Thy Gift.” My hope in writing about food is to start a new conversation that does not start with a diet or a workout but will encourage you to create the space to ask yourself “Do you know who you are and how you are naturally designed to be healthy, whole, holy and human?”

To be honest and completely transparent, this is the purpose behind every post, poem, essay and book that I write. Please feel free to wander through my writings but prepare yourself to ask questions, to wrestle with truth and to consider if what you are doing is an act of love. Finally, if you’d like to follow me into a much deeper conversation, then let me recommend my book Fed A Lie. It is my attempt to resurrect the true meaning of health.

I believe this is post #4.

Built on a lie or The Truth

Lies paralyze us. They keep us living in darkness, controlled by fear, chained to our distractions, imprisoned in our false-selves and suffering the consequences of their destruction. Regardless of the size, shape or color, lies offer the illusion of control and the promise of a better and easier way. Perhaps, by this point we have grown numb to the lies that we tell ourselves and that we have been told. Or maybe, the lies aren’t just a piece of forbidden fruit promising equality with God but the lies have been perfectly blended to become an all-powerful and all-knowing super smoothie that pushes God right out of the picture and sets us on top of our own little kingdoms.

You may be asking, “What do lies or truths have to do with who we are or how we are designed to eat and live, and how does any of this determine our health?” I believe that Either The Truth OR A LIE determines who we are and how we are designed to eat and live, and even on the most basic level they will determine how we breathe, listen, ask, look and move as human beings to experience and enjoy healthy relationships with ourselves, others and our world.

When we look at our culture and the epidemics of sickness, disease, obesity, anxiety, loneliness, suicide, addiction and relational breakdown that we are currently experiencing, then we can see that we have believed all kinds of lies about who we are and how we are designed to be and live as human beings and these lies are not only destroying our bodies but they are killing creation and all its creatures.

I am not trying to be shocking, I am simply telling you the truth with the hope that we can start a new conversation and address some of the most destructive lies that we believe and how we react to these lies by moving into a false-self to survive. I also want us to talk about how on one hand our false-selves have protected our true-selves but on the other hand how they have stunted our development and our ability to live as we are designed to be givers and receivers of truth, hope, love and joy. Our false-selves have been kept so busy trying to just do it and prove that we are enough that we have become very sick. Our busyness has denied us the opportunity to know who we are and to remember who we are through a daily practice that encourages, inspires, nourishes, and moves us to help others be healthy too.

Did you know that the word “health” originates from the word “whole” which also comes from the word “holy”? How can we live out of our wholeness, discover our holiness or nourish our deep needs as whole people if the current models of health and wellness continually asks us to check our spirits, hearts and minds at the door and just do what we are told? These fragmented philosophies and theories have not only helped to keep us disconnected, distracted and deflecting from the truth, but they have reduced us to consumers to fit into “proven” highly profitable formulas.

The first thing I want to do is pull back the curtain, so that you can see and hear the lies that industries are using to expose our deepest fears and needs. Lies that keep us fearful and very busy trying to satisfy our infinite need for rest, hope, love, truth and nourishment They use these lies as fig leaves to hide the truth from us and to feed us crumbs in the form of products, programs, pills, procedures, formulas and “expert” advice. I know we have been told to take responsibility for ourselves and that we aren’t doing what we are supposed to do to be healthy, but I am here to help you to see that the “experts” who are always saying that we need to take responsibility for ourselves, need to take responsibility for selling us lies that are guaranteed to make us fail.

Today, I am asking you to create the space for a different conversation about how we are designed as human beings. We are going to start this journey by asking questions about who we are, how we feel, why we do what we do, why we feel what we feel and why we think what we think.

I want you to know that I am here to stand up for you and to help you remember how truth sets you free to be known and accepted. Truth does not put you in a formula or on a treadmill and tell you to do better and try harder. Rather, truth gives you rest. I am here to help you remember that you don’t need an expert to do this but you do and you will need a friend to help you rediscover who you are and how you are naturally designed to be healthy, whole, holy and human.

I am asking you to create the space for a conversation that does not start with what to do, what to eat or how to workout but with remembering how you are designed to be a giver, a receiver and a reflection of all that is good, beautiful and true. You are naturally designed to be healthy and you deserve to be nourished deeply and fully.


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