Receive and Give Truth

Remember The Truth- this is what we build our practice on.

We have been misled. Health doesn’t start with a diet, workout, supplement, shake, medication, detox, herbs, super foods, the right information, mantras, meditation, mindfulness, coaches or experts. Health does not even start with a doctor. Health is not a result. There is no magic formula that you can “do” to transform your health.

To be healthy is to be whole. To be healthy it is to remember who we are and how we are designed as human beings to be receivers and givers.

Health doesn’t start with what we do. Rather, it starts with who we are. It’s starts with truth. There is one way to be healthy and that is love. Because this is TRUE and we are naturally designed to receive and give love-we already have everything we need to be and become our best selves.

My purpose is not to get you to trust me, it is to help you trust yourself again and to remember your health is not just in your hands but in your spirit, heart, mind, body and relationships.

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