Soror Terra

There she lays
By the hands
Of those she trusted
Seduced by their prayers
And promises of affection

Her heart was open
Wanting desperately to share
Her gifts with them
Willing to freely give
All that was hers

She held nothing back
Her beauty and fertility
Were visible and abundant
Her charms were hypnotizing
Her wit alluring

Everyone could see
The colors and shades of her personality
Were beyond words
And above their understanding

The height, width and depth of her soul
Reached up to the heavens
Deep into the soil ran her roots
With outstretched arms
She welcomed her neighbor

Her passions and desires
Were obvious to anyone
Who spent time in her presence
Listening and looking into her being

The future she offered
Could not be counted in currency
Her dowry was incomparable
To any others

Needless to say
Her suitors were many
Their lust filled hearts
She could not see
Nor could she fathom
Their desires were not for her
But for what she could do for them

Not all who sought her
Wished to use her
There were some
Who loved her deeply
And humbly

Many sacrificed everything
To pursue and care for her
Full of hope and joy they worked
Never forsaking or refusing her needs
Always embracing her tenderly
Always willing to sacrifice
Themselves for her

But the ones who came after
Were indeed monsters
Unaware she was of their violent thoughts
And dark adulterous hearts
Or the evil that lurked
In their hidden parts

Naively reaching out her hand
She accepted the pledge of fidelity
Believing that if she gave unconditionally
Their love would grow beautifully

She trusted those with whom she shared
The same creator
The same delight
The same call to love
The same guiding light

But how quickly does it take
For arrogance to consume innocence
How easily is it
For violence to hide behind guile
Who can know which hands abuse
When rage is camouflaged by a smile

But she committed to the covenant
With unblinking hope and trust
She promised to give all of herself
Just as they discussed

Was she not condemned the moment
She took hold of his hand
And entered into a relationship
With a wicked man

Under his authority
Now she submits
In his kingdom
She will struggle to exist

First he renames her
Provides the reason why she lives
Service has become her duty
Obedience has become his weapon

Next he shows his brute and power
She is shorn by his shears
Removing layers of her beauty
He devastates her year after year

Still, she gives what she can
Bruised and beaten by her lover’s hands
Blinded by his own lusts
He will take what he demands

Forcing her to produce
He will not take no for an answer
Nor will he yield to a higher power
His eyes are fixed on the horizon
Wanting the world’s prize
Of course, he will use her
To gain what he desires

Slowly time passes by
She continues to give
All she has and all she is
But since her gaze remains on the One
Even when she is being emptied out
She is also being replenished by the Son

Perhaps, he feeds her invisible fruit
Which sustains her heart
While her outer self is wasting away
Inwardly, she is renewed day by day

Still, at the mercy of her husband’s will
She shoulders his shame
Deeply wounded and scarred
Yet…her beauty, though shrouded remains

Inhaling sorrow her voice ceases
She is muzzled by grief
Yet, in the recesses of soul
With gasps of breath she prays

“Return, O LORD! How long? Have pity on your servants!
Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.
Make us glad for as many days as you have afflicted us, and for as many years as we have seen evil.
Let your work be shown to your servants, and your glorious power to their children.
Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!”

Like all her prayers
This one reaches the creator’s ears
Who has secretly been moving
To rescue her through the years

Waiting to show himself
In the right season
Moving when he wills
Not explaining his reason

Dare we ask
What he is doing
Or why he invites us to participate
In the divine drama
Or how this master sewer
Weaves together dark and light
Knits flesh and spirit
Binds creature and creation
With his invisible thread

Cocooned inside The Maker’s silk
Nursed in his bosom with heaven’s milk
Readying us for our ordained time
When we are set free to shine

Out his chrysalis
Now I fly
Circling around
Up here in the sky

I hear a voice
Singing my name
Transformed by the Spirit
I am not the same

“Here I am”
I thrice reply
To which I hear
A desperate cry

In the wilderness
Voices emerge
Into the darkness
I choose to submerge

To participate in the story
That’s awaiting my blood, sweat and tears
To fill the divine pen
And finish the writing of my years

Back to the start
I am called to return
With my new heart
At my story’s stern

In old wine skins
I am covered
To my elder brothers

Dismissed by their fear and judgment
I am free to be about my Father’s business
To find what lies hidden
In the recesses of man’s arrogance

Past his destruction
Below his ignorance
There I fly
To discover her lying lifeless
Preparing to die

She is familiar
She whispers my name
Recalling my memories
Bringing forth shame

This is the one
Who’s voice I heard
The sister I forgot
But I’ve known since my birth

I cry out
My sister, My sister, My sister
What has happened
Who has robbed you of life
And left you to die
I feel your heart shallow beating
I see your battered face
Tell me your story
Who has caused your disgrace

But first…
Let me sing into your mouth
The Words that live inside me
Are full of Life when they flow out

I am here
Father has called me home
There is healing in my wings
My power is strong

But first let me confess
To you my sister
For I left you to run to a far country
“I have sinned against heaven and before you”

Forgive me my beloved
I repent in dust and ashes
That I left you vulnerable
Alone and defenseless

Come now my beloved
Your winter is finally over
Your groans have been heard
Spring’s rain is coming
To wash away the absurd

This love I was given
I will gift to you
It will burst your chains
Like it did mine
Together we can reclaim
Our birthright
Together we can restore you
To New Life

Do you still hear
God’s love song
He’s inviting us
To sing along

We can work
While we sing
Restoring life
Planting things

In friendship, we will move
To give and receive love
To reflect our Father’s will
On earth as in heaven above

Oh my divine sister
Listen to my prose
Let me lift you up and love you
My most beautiful Rose.

DeeAnn Dean
February 6, 2021

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