Food Talk

Excerpt from Let Food Be Thy Gift

Food Talk

Obviously, we can’t avoid food talk because we can’t avoid food. We need food to live but for most of us, food has become a bit of an obsession. We are taught that food is the key to achieving our weight loss goals. Even more, according to the nonstop food advertisements, we are led to believe that food can also make all our dreams come true. In fact, in our consumer monoculture food is no longer food but a means to every end. We are taught and tempted to use food to make money, to bless us with fame, to give us influence and control, to give us an identity, to differentiate us from others, to give us a purpose, to change our moods, to reward, to comfort, to self-flagellate and to justify ourselves. We have been taught and encouraged to use food for so many different things that we have developed a very weird relationship with food. It is quite obvious that something is wrong when we look at the amount of time, energy and money that we have spent thinking and talking about food and we see the epidemics of diet-realted disease and sickness plaguing 88% of Americans.

I am asking you to stop talking about food for a minute and create the space to rediscover how you are designed and how food is just one of many gifts that nourishes your human being design. We desperately need to remember that food is not your best friend or your worst enemy. Food was never supposed to be a weight loss tool and you are not designed to be in a relationship with food or to use food as a means to change your body, heart, mind or spirit. Eating should be easy and enjoyable, and food should be a gift that nourishes the best gift of all…YOU!

I am here to help you remember why and how you can easily and naturally eat the way you are designed and stop depriving yourself of the nutrients your body needs to naturally regulate weight, fight disease, slow aging and keep you looking, feeling, thinking and moving. Together, we can change the way we use food by first creating the space where we can remember who we are and how we are naturally designed to love ourselves with the gift of food to strengthen our health, our whole person, our holy/sacred selves and our human being design.

Remember: When we have what we need as human beings to fill us up like truth and love, then we will stop defining and using food as a variable, fuel, information, medicine or our best friend. Together… we can remember the truth that food is a gift and we are free to eat and live the way that simultaneously love and nourishes us, our community and world.

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