Excerpt from Let Food Be Thy Gift


Part of my purpose is to ask questions to encourage a real conversation that gets below our everyday chatter about things like food and exercise. I want to help you see why and how we have been taught to use most things to avoid our own truth. Honestly, I think most people have become experts at using things around them, like food, technology, entertainment and politics, to feel something other than their loneliness, boredom, emptiness, sadness, anger and fear. Instead of allowing ourselves to feel out of control of life (because we are out of control of most things), we have been lured into believing that consuming just the right things at just the right times and in just the right ways will give us control over our spirits, hearts, minds, bodies and lives.

We believe this because we have forgotten a fundamental truth “Consuming does not equate to control.”

I am not here to give you new information but to help you remember old truths about who you are and how you are naturally designed to be and live. I want to ask you lots of questions to get to the truth that lives inside of you. My first question to you is “Are you willing?”

Are you willing…to ask questions and let them lead you to truths that could potentially save your life? Are you willing to let go of the things that can never love you back and fill you up? Are you willing to create spaces to receive truth and love from people and things that are real, good, beautiful and nourishing? Are you willing to remember who you are and how you are naturally designed to be mindful through living and learning? Are you willing to give yourself the space to rest and remember your truth and to ponder what you need to strengthen your health, your wholeness, your holiness and your human being design?

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