The truth shall make you free and weird

Excerpt from Let Food Be Thy Gift

The truth shall make you free and weird

I want to plant seeds of truth in my neighbor’s heart and water them with love. I grew up on farm and I barely planted anything but I have this deep hunger to create a fertile space of love and truth for people to become their best selves. I want us to remember what is really beautiful, good, healthy and true, and what deserves to be honored, celebrated and encouraged.

No offense, but I don’t want any more advice or opinions from “experts, gurus or random people” who do not know me as a person or how I am designed as a human being to be a healthy. I am more than a body and I will no longer be fragmented to be easily controlled or consumed. I am tired of being reduced and being asked to reduce my physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and relational needs to information that can fit on a screen, in a product, program or formula. I don’t want access to your pics but no access or opportunity for real relationships. There is something wrong about knowing so much about each other and yet, we don’t know each other at all. Vulnerability is not posting an opinion and connection does not happen by clicking a button. Both vulnerability and connection requires the presence of our whole person and the sharing of our time, talents and truths that flows out of our spirits, hearts, minds and bodies.

Why do we waste so much time and energy posting our opinions, fighting for our positions and being first in line to consume, when we could be creating places to share our hopes, dreams, doubts and fears? Why are we more concerned about rights than our responsibilities to love our neighbor like we love ourselves? (Maybe the real problem is we don’t love our neighbor, because we have forgotten what it means to love ourselves.)

I hunger for a community that is committed to living how we are designed to be as human beings and where being weak, needy, fragile, healthy, vulnerable, sensitive, desperate and dependent on love and truth is considered courageous, and the giving of our experience, strength and hope is a daily practice. I desperately want a chance to make intimate friends and grow deep relationships that help me to become more of who I am designed to be and less of who I often times to pretend to be.

I want so much more than a girls night out, another glass of wine, empty conversations, empty calories or a connection void of anything that would nourish my spirit, heart, mind and body. I find myself starving for the hope, joy, love and truth that I need to live and that can only be found in my fellow human beings who are just as desperate as me.

So, “Here I Am” saying I need more. I need you and I need a community of all types of people who are willing to be weird and start asking deeper questions about who we are and how we are designed to be healthy human beings.

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