Twist and turn

Beg and plead

Write and think

Read and Heed

Create space

Say a prayer

Take a breath

Make a dare

Stretch out my hands

Open my stubborn heart

Confess the sins I don’t see

Wait again to start

Strain the eyes

Bite the tongue

Listen to silence

Scream…How long!

Realize you’re ignorant

Blame your arrogance

Damn I’m impatient

My hubris is relentless

Resist some more

I can’t be still

Struggle In the darkness

Fight what I feel

Who am I

What am I to do

How long will God

Wrestle with this fool

Holy Spirit help me

In this time of Lent

Don’t let me break

As I am completely bent

There are no distractions

And no where to run

When in the darkness

I’m enveloped by the Son

Exposed and confronted

Leveled and undone

Forty days of mediation

Leaves one desperate and numb

Tempted and tried

Digging deeper

Holding tighter

Until Easter

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