What is a bad diet?

Excerpt from Let Food Be Thy Gift

What is a bad diet?

What is a bad diet? A bad diet is:
*Anything called a diet
*Based on portion control
*Uses a reward or punishment system
*Requires accountability
*Has to constantly be managed and balanced
*Where food is your main focus or the main topic of conversation
*Anything from which you get an identity
*Anything not sustainable (You cannot do for the rest of your life)
*Anything that doesn’t tell the truth about food
*Different from how you can eat every day of your life from childhood to old age
*Uses pride, guilt, shame or fear to “motivate”
*Allows the majority of your daily foods to be processed
*Limits all natural, unprocessed whole foods
*Uses food as connection in a relationship or community of people
*Makes you judge others and makes you judge yourself
*Is not based on common sense or not easily understood
*Uses denial and distraction as tools of success
*Doesn’t tell you there are some foods you absolutely should not eat
*Tells you to do what you are told and doesn’t allow for questions
*Requires perfection
*Uses words like motivate, compete, success or “failure”
*Uses the body to accomplish results
*Approaches food as a means to an end to control your body

Not only is your body meant to be free from rules and restrictions, but your spirit, mind and heart are fighters for freedom too. Your body wasn’t designed to tell your heart, mind, spirit what to think or how feel. Instead, your body reflects and determines whether a person is well nourished as a whole person.

You can GIVE UP exercising to lose weight, it doesn’t work.
You can GIVE UP dieting because it isn’t how you are designed to lose weight.
You can GIVE UP telling your body what to do and start listening to your body. You can help supply your body with the nourishment it needs to do millions of jobs a day and quit getting in your body’s way of doing what it does naturally best. Your body’s biggest enemy or biggest ally is you.

Remember, you can give your body what it needs to function how it is designed. You can do this and you can Give Up fighting against your design and GIVE IN to caring for your design to look and feel your best.

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