10 ways to stop sabotaging your gut health

  1. DO NOT go on a calorie restricted diet. You are probably not currently getting the volume or variety of fiber, starches and nutrients that you need to sustain good gut health. Don’t sacrifice your health by eliminating everything your body needs to do a million jobs a day, including treat, fight and prevent diet-related disease and sickness. Make sure that you don’t kill off more of your good bacteria by eliminating the foods that your gut needs to be healthy like beans, lentils, whole grains and potatoes.
  2. DO NOT replace real foods with highly processed shakes and supplements. Common sense and scientific research prove that real whole foods are exactly what the gut needs to be healthy. Don’t let anyone convince you that a highly processed food supplement or pills are better for you than natural whole foods.
  3. DO NOT avoid beans and lentils. Make sure that you are getting one of the most perfect foods ever designed. Your gut needs real food that can withstand the digestion process and make it down to your intestine. Science is just now discovering how natural whole foods are designed to nourish your body at various levels, including your lower intestines.
  4. DO NOT eat more protein than fiber. Fact one, protein doesn’t fill you up but fiber does. When you decide that protein is more important than fiber, then it’s likely that you will not get enough fiber to rid your body of toxins and waste; and you will be feeding your bad bacteria everything it needs to grow. Truth is, everyone is getting enough protein but hardly anyone is getting enough fiber.
  5. Cut way back on the alcohol. Just one binge drinking session is extremely harmful to your gut health.
  6. Eat resistant starches. Science has revealed that high resistant starches give your gut the nutrients to fight cancer, reduce inflammation, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and help your body lose weight, reverse disease and prevent sickness.
  7. Don’t eat “weight loss” foods. Please eliminate diet sodas and stop eating super small portions of highly processed diet foods.
  8. Don’t eat red meat and eggs. Do the research about TMAO and how it is produced in the gut from feeding on meat and eggs.
  9. Don’t just be a vegan. What I mean is don’t just avoid animal products and then fill up on highly processed vegan foods like french fries, chips, cookies, crackers and my favorite vegan butter. Just because you avoid one food group that harms your gut health doesn’t mean you should replace what you were eating with other things void of nutrients.
  10. Don’t eat out very much. Research shows that eating out is one of the worst things that you can do for your health. We are talking machine contamination, food additives, oil, salt, sugar and fat perfectly combined to be the best-tasting meal that you have ever had that is void of nutrients, fiber and anything whole or natural.

Finally- STOP EATING TO LOSE WEIGHT AND START EATING TO NOURISH YOUR GUT. Trust your body’s design and refuse to be spoonfed any more misinformation. Your health is in your hands. Learn more at vivealchemy.com

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