I am really tired of this

Learn the facts: Is this a realistic workout for anyone? There is no way to blindly measure calories burned per jumping jack, squat, push-up or crunch because of the number of variables (unless monitored by machines) but you can vaguely calculate per min based on average weight of 150lbs.

For argument sake, let’s say you finish one exercise per minute or one exercise in 3 minutes.

60 jumping jacks in 1 min and you burn 10 calories or if you finish it in 3 min-30 calories (*World record 61 jumping jacks in a minute)

25 squats in 1 min= 5 calories or you finish it in 3 min=15 calories

20 push-ups in 1 min= 7 calories or 3 min=21 calories

50 crunches 1 min= 3 calories or 3 minutes =9 calories

*The total of calories burned in 4 minutes is 25 calories or 75 calories in 12 minutes.

*7 rounds would take you either 28 minutes or at a 3 minute rate it would take 1 hour and 24 minutes.

*7 rounds in 28 minutes you burn 175 calories or in 1 hour 24 minutes you burn 525 calories. 3x a week is 525 calories or 1575 calories.

Here’s the problem. Neither times are realistic for anyone. Either you’re an elite athlete completing 7 rounds in 28 minutes or your an elite athlete able to exercise consistently for 1 hour and 24 minutes.

What’s wrong with this? Just the fact, that this is the crap we are fed everyday. First, pictures like this assume a lot. They assume they can tell you exact calories burned but the only way to measure calorie burn in any of these exercises is by wearing a CO2 mask .

I did some simple math and not only does it not add up but it takes an incredible amount of effort, stamina and time to burn 1,000 calories.

But here is an idea that is so much easier and less sweatier, you don’t have to lie and not based on a fragmented way of thinking. How about just not putting 1,000 extra empty calories in your body and call it a day.

Honestly, I am really tired of pushing this kind caloric nonsense on people. The truth is your organs burn over 70% of your calories just to keep you alive. Your muscles and workouts don’t really burn as many calories as you think or that your wrist devices calculate and the whole “change your metabolism” is a hoax too.

Charts and information like this are so misguided. They know people can’t do this workout sustainably (if at all) and because you can’t do it, then it is your fault. “Oh, you didn’t lose weight? Well, I guess YOU couldn’t stick to this workout.” (They say this all the while knowing full well that 1,000 calorie burned mark will probably never be reached by anyone doing this workout.) So, they put the failure back on the person and not themselves with their crappy misguided information.

And don’t even get me started on these exercises and if they are done correctly or should be done at all. Exercise doesn’t work correctly, if it is breaking you down. All my years in the gym, I saw only a very few people who did these exercises correctly. Yet, even when I did these exercises correctly, they still broke me down.

I can’t begin to tell you how furious I am by the mountains of misinformation being marketed to keep us beaten down and confused. Seriously Give Up them up! These workouts don’t work. They are a waste of your time, money and breath. Give-Up exercising to lose weight. Neither you or exercise were designed to work that way.

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