My journey

Almost 7 years ago, I was coming out of a very hard season that forced me to be honest about how I was treating my body and why I was practicing a different belief system physically than I was spiritually. As I have pursued the truth of health, wholeness and being human, I have naturally been reconnected internally and externally to the relationship that I have with myself, others and the world. Respecting and honoring my health has become a transformative practice of choice, care, connection, compassion and concern for creature and creation. In this process, I have been led to men like Wendell Berry who are amazing witnesses and reminders to the design and connection of all things.

“We seem to be living now with the single expectation that there should and will always be more of everything, including “ life expectancy.” This insatiable desire for more is the result of an overwhelming sense of incompleteness, which is the result of the insatiable desire for more. This is the wheel of death. It is the revolving of this wheel that now drives technological progress. The more superficial and unsatisfying our lives become, the faster we need to progress. When you are skating on thin ice, speed up.” Wendell Berry, Quantity versus Form, The World-Ending Fire

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