I know it’s fun to talk about our dreams, and to think and talk about our passions and gifts. But to ensure our individual and collective survival, what we desperately need is a growing community of men and women talking about our responsibilities to be healthy, to be a good neighbor and to take care of our communities and world.

I want you to consider…

What if the start of following your dreams was first learning how you are designed to be healthy, whole, holy and human, and to live in a way that doesn’t hurt ourselves, others or our world?

What if we used all our gifts, time, energy and money to do our duty as human beings so that many generations after us would be able to be and live?

What if the only way to discover our passions and dreams was by getting really good at being a giver and receiver of life, love, truth and mercy?

What if today we were willing to start to ask questions and even ponder our active participation in the destruction of our health, our communities and world by being a consumer?

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