Excerpt from Let Food be Thy Gift


Transformation is an inside-out process. Though it is completely out of our control and very mysterious, we can still participate in transformation as both individuals and as a community. Like caterpillars, who follow their natural rhythm, flow and design into their cocoon, we can surrender to our transformation process by nourishing ourselves with truth and love as we actively wait and work. We cannot force transformation. Consequently, we should stop trying to transform ourselves and start creating the space for transformation by being as honest as we can with ourselves about who we are, what we want, what we need, how we feel and how we are designed to be and live as healthy, whole, holy and human beings.

Transformation is not a process of grit and determination but the willingness to be and be present with others.That’s right…we have to BE together and we have to BE willing to open our hearts, minds, spirits and hands to give and receive the gifts presented in the present moment. Transformation is a process that requires time, space, energy, encouragement and outside help. If you make the time, create the space and have the energy to give and receive truth and love but you are lacking encouragement, then that’s where community comes in to help.

Do you want a formula for transformation? There isn’t one. But…if you want to remember how you can participate in the process of transformation, then here you go…Be willing. Want it. Create the space to recieve and give truth and love. Learn how to tell your truth and to love yourself with all your heart mind, soul and strength and practicing loving your neighbor the same way. Show us that you believe and trust in the divine power of love and truth to transform all things by living how you are designed… while you patiently wait for that mysterious day when you are invited to surrender completely to truth and love. This is the moment you have been living for, when you turn to mush, your head pops off and at just the right time, you emerge as your most beautiful true self.

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