Don’t hide your light under a bush or label

Excerpt from Let Food Be Thy Gift

Don’t hide your light under a bush or label

For the love of all things good, can we stop using labels to describe ourselves and others? Labels not only divide and disconnect our communities, but they limit our personal growth and development.

I am so tired of labels. They do not in any way communicate who we really are, how we are designed to connect as human beings and why we desperately need each other to become a community of healing, hope and health. Any label that we use to tell people who we are or others use to describe us, reduces our whole person to a belief, an opinion, a way of eating, a relationship, a description, an age, gender, a political stance, a workout, a religion, a socioeconomic level and even the way we look, think or feel.

These neat little labels interfere with the limited time, space and opportunities that we have been given to know someone different and maybe even discover something different about ourselves. We are not only designed to be known and accepted, but we are desperate for the situations, circumstances and relationships that will expose us in ways to know ourselves better and accept others more. When we use a label to define our whole person, we use our time and energy to create a boundary and build a wall rather than to create the space for us to be need to be known and accepted as whole people.

Take a deep breath and create the space to be with me for a minute. Open your heart and mind by allowing your past, prejudices, preferences, posts, opinions, judgments and fears to fall away. Perhaps in this present moment, I can help you see that beneath age, color, race and gender, we are all human beings who live, breathe, eat, exercise, sleep, poop, drink, laugh, cry, move, speak, feel, think, hope, dream, create, work, play and love.

We not only “do” many of the same things as human beings, but we are designed as human beings to “be” the same at the deepest level. We are all vulnerable, sensitive, fragile, weak, needy, insecure, transparent, desperate and dependent on love and truth to tell us who we are and how we are designed to live. I wish every human being could see how beautiful and good this human being design is and how we need it to taste, see, smell, hear and feel love, beauty, nature, nourishment and people. I wish we could allow love to tell us who we are and that we are all gifts.These are the truths that can transform us and set us free to love, care, nourish, respect, honor, enjoy and share our whole person with the world. I want to help you remember that you can “be” the voice of love for yourself and others.

Remember, you are born to be a gift to yourself, your family, your friends, your community and your world. We need you and our world needs you to let your light shine and to share your time, talents and truth to love and encourage us to let our light shine. Do you know what blocks your light? A big sticky label. So, rip that sucker right off and bring your gifts to a world that desperately needs all of you.

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