Hope is something that we should be looking for and finding all the time. But, many of us avoid this search because I think we are filled with the fear that we will never find it. So, we refuse to hope for hope and we fill our lives with distractions (busyness, entertainment, stress, drama and stuff) that help us deny our want and need of hope.

It seems that it is much easier for us to feel disappointment and hopelessness, instead of hope?

But we need hope to be and become our true selves. If we refuse to search for hope, we deny ourselves the mystery, surprise and soul nutrient that we need to live as we are designed to be healthy, whole, holy and human beings.

The truth is we desperately need to hope for hope. We even need the risk and the possibility that we may not find hope to discover that hope has already found us and it is being poured into our spirits, hearts, minds, bodies, relationships and world through love. Consequently, as long as there is love, we will always have hope.

Which is GREAT news because every single one of us has the power to move to receive and give the love that we are designed for and be filled with the hope that can not only move mountains, but get us through the day. So, my friend find hope in knowing that in those moments, days or seasons that we can’t find hope, we can always know that love has found us and it will never leave or forsake us.

Where can we move to remember we are loved?Where can we move to give our time, talents and truth? Where can we fill ourselves up with all things that are good, true and beautiful? What is it that you hope for? Tell the truth- What do you hope for?

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