Excerpt from Let Food Be Thy Gift

Basics First

We ask people to do really extreme things before they have ever learned or begun to practice the basics with consistency, compassion and care. We tell them what to do before we even give them a chance to learn how to be. We have forgotten not only how we are designed to grow and flourish with order and practice, but where our place is in creation’s order and why God’s order and practices matter.

Everywhere, we are essentially telling people to do burpees before they know how to walk correctly. We teach them to diet and workout, but not how to eat to nourish themselves. I am tired the latest “research” that is void of the basic truths that we desperately need to live and learn. Even more, I am angry at seeing industries constantly pushing people into formulas and programs, rather than spending their time, energy and money creating safe spaces for rest and restoration.

I don’t think people are making excuses for not doing the necessary things to strengthen their health, I just think they have forgotten who they are and how they are naturally designed to be healthy, and they are fed up with the ridiculous formulas and mantras being used to control them. I believe the mass majority of Americans are exhausted by the shame, guilt and fear of the motivation culture and we are waiting for a conversation that engages them first as human beings.

I don’t think people are lazy as much as I think that we have repeatedly believed and obeyed what we’ve been told and having reaped the same results over and over…and we are just over it. Most people are not apathetic, we just know that the formulas have not only failed to deliver us and make all our dreams come true, but they have produced an epidemic of sickness and disease physically, relationally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I believe we desperately need to rediscover the love and truth to remember what it feels like to be human again and what it looks like to be a healthy being living love and truth out in the way we do the most basic things.

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