Prayer for Spiritual Sobriety

“O Holy Spirit—we pray for ourselves and for all people—O Holy Spirit, you who give life, here there is no want of capabilities, nor of education, nor of sagacity—indeed, there may rather be too much. But what is wanting is that you take away whatever is corrupting to us, that you take power away from us and give life. Certainly a person experiences a shudder like death’s shudder when you, in order to become the power in us, take power away from him. Oh, but if even animals at a later moment understand how good it was for them that the royal coachman took the reins, although it surely made them shudder at first and they at first rebelled, but in vain—should not a human being quickly be able to understand what a blessing it is to him that you take the power and give life!

Father in heaven! You are Spirit, and they who wish to worship you must worship you in spirit and truth—but how in spirit and truth if we are not or do not first of all really strive to become sober! Send, then, your Spirit into our hearts. Oh, so often we call upon your Spirit to come and bring courage and life and power and strength, but might it first of all—and this is indeed the condition for everything else and for its being of benefit to us—but might it first of all make us sober!” Søren Kierkegaard 

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