Come Close

I paint with words

Without a sound

So Come and See

behind my frown

There is more than what meets the eye.

Beneath my skin

A story is told

From today and backwards

Till days of old

Flowing from eternity’s side

The mingling of water and blood

Creating the creature and creation

Breathing life into mud.

Here I am

Look closely at my inward parts

He formed them with His Hand

And put wisdom in my secret heart.

I have been stripped down

For all to see

The love and truth

Living inside of me.

See my tears

And where they run

Into the river of living waters.

Go quickly now and wash your eyes

You will be healed,

baptized and sealed

By the Holy Spirit.

For it is only when you are free

That you can hear love singing

And hold Nature’s hand

To behold the mystery of the divine

In this living land.

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