Preparing for the Sun to Rise

Creation’s altar is readied
With morning dew it is watered down
Mother Nature is our high priest
Barefooted she stands on holy ground

Light sends forth the announcement
That the Sun is about to appear
Day and Night prepares to part
The moment He begins to draw near

Silence and Stillness
Kiss and embrace
Together with Rest and Solitude
They consecrate this place

Life and Death
Are the earth’s priest
Clothed in tattered robes
They ready the feast

They are always the ones
Who are the first to arrive
No one is allowed to enter
Until they have passed by

There is Beauty
She is a pure vision of loveliness
And there is Love
Clothed in sacred holiness

Wind proceeds forth
We feel her pomp and sway
She carries the incense
Of a new and glorious day

Faith, Hope and Joy
Bring frankincense, myrrh and gold
To anoint Space and Time
And remember The Days of Old

Shadow, Shade and Color
Tone, Tint and Hue
Roll out a most fine carpet
For the Sun’s grand debut

Here come the Four Horseman
Carrying the golden Ark
Carefully sitting it down
In the lap of the Dark

The Past, Present and Future
Hold the sacred stone
Written the commandments
From God’s mountain throne

The crowd is full of faces
It would take a lifetime to name
Of all the ones who gather
When the Sun sends his first flame

The festivities are starting
Our hearts are fast beating
With mysterious tongues
And strange words repeating

“Holy, Holy, Holy Lord
God of power and might
Shine forth today
Giving us heavenly light”

The trees lift high the banners
Everyone frantically shakes
Nervous with excitement
The valley trembles and quakes

The leaves lift up their voices
Revelry is churning
Air lifts up his hands
To motion for our parting

The birds are chirping and chatting
As we stand in creation’s hall
With great anticipation and excitement
To dance in the day’s grand ball

Will full attention
The green grass now stands
Straining to see just a glimpse
Of his procession through the lands

In an instant, our faces are covered
We are consumed with brilliant light
Closing our eyes we can see
The One shining most bright

But the Sun’s not the reason
Why on our faces we now lay
We are undone because The Sun
Illuminated The Truth, The Life and The Way

He had been standing in our midst
This whole entire time
Yet, we were unable to see
Until the Sun made us blind

Because It’s only in certain light
That we can see in the dark
When we are forced to look
Not with our eyes but our heart

See, the first and last light of the day
Are full of heaven’s purest rays
That can wash our eyes so we can see
The Holy Son of the Ancient of Days

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