Excerpt from Let Food Be Thy Gift


What is a success? Who decides? Each day is a success, when we can move to love ourselves and others by sharing the encouragement that we have been encouraged by or as some very wise people say “Share our experience, strength and hope.”

These acts may not get us a big paycheck or fame but these acts are celebrated throughout heaven and earth. If we use ourselves, others and this world to make our kingdoms come, our wills be done and to glorify ourselves, then we will sacrifice living lives full of hope, joy, love, truth, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control, mercy, forgiveness, wonder and wisdom. We will exchange loving relationships with real people for things that don’t love us back or nourish us.

It’s easy to find people on Facebook but it is hard to find people who are living to love their neighbors with all their hearts, minds, spirits and strength. Mainly because their lives are generally quiet and humble. Their bank accounts are not usually full but their spirits are full of divine love that overflows to encourage hearts to listen to others, minds that search for truth, bodies that look to nourish and tables that encourage all who gather around.

Remember…Success is not a result. Success is the practice of courageously being human, being a gift of love and truth to others and living how we are designed to give our time, talents and truths to love and encourage others.

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