Mother’s Day Prayer

Hi Father,

It is me again
Opening the gift of today
It is a strange day
Mother’s Day.
I am a mother
I have a mother
Thank you for the many blessings
I have received in these
Thank you also for the struggle
And for the failures
That pushed us closer to you.

Thank you that all mothers
Don’t have to lie or pretend
That we are superwomen
And not desperate creatures
Completely dependent
On you

Today is hard for so many
Including me
Because I am aware
Of my failures
As both a parent and a child

Perhaps, some days
Weighs us in the balance
More than others

There is no mother
Who does not know
Both joy and sorrow
There is no child
Who does not bear
The joy and sorrow
Of their parents

As this day
Washes over us
Help us to remember
This day is a gift from you
Given to all your children
To remind us
Of your infinite love
That flows through
To heal our broken hearts
To bind our wounds
To wash us clean
To transform us

Let us celebrate
The women
Who have given us
Safe spaces
To open our mouths in need
To clothe our nakedness
To shelter us from the storm
To hold us close when we are scared
To wipe our tears when we are sad
To kiss our cheeks when we need kisses

Thank you for those lovely creatures
Who have received and given
Your love to their neighbor
To their enemy
To their friend
To their family

Thank you for those beautiful spirits
Who have received and given
Your forgiveness and mercy

Thank you for the Beloved
Who graciously share their
Time, talents and truths
To love and encourage

Thank you for a day
We can
Mourn our losses
And be comforted

Confess our sins
And be Forgiven

Forgive others
And be set free

Make amends
And participate in resurrection

Give you our heavy loads
And find rest

Thank you for a day
We can clearly see
Your Love flowing
To your children
Through the good and bad
Through highs and lows
Through loss and abundance
Through celebrations and lamentations
To strengthen our faith
In your faithfulness and your promise
To work all things for our good.

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