Remember Who You Are

We must realize that diet-related disease and sickness cannot be prevented, treated or reversed with the catchiest memes, the most perfectly curated posts or with endless streams of the best information. Even decades of teaching on morality and ethics have done nothing to stop our trajectory of epidemics of obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer and inflammation.

The reason why nothing we have done and continue to do “works” is because the entire “health” system, with its experts, advice, hacks, tips, formulas, products, programs, pills, procedures, treatments, research and data, is based on a flawed philosophy that results in nihilism. In fact, this entire way of thinking that determines our total economy, including how we think about health, is based on a philosophy that was not created by Immanuel Kant but clearly defined by him in his Critique of Pure Reason.

Whether we realize it or not, our understanding of what is health is- how it is defined and lived out- is not determined by man’s reasons. Health is not “what health means to man” but health is universal. As it takes into account the design of all things, health also embodies the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and relational design of each thing. Health is not produced by man’s reasons but is rooted and grown out of a faith in truth and love. Consequently, it is communicated and, more specifically, communed in relationships. Likewise, it is through relationships that health reflects and determines all creatures and all creation.

In other words, to understand health is to understand who we are as a whole person living as part of a whole world. Health is not only who we are but it describes our human being design as a giver and receiver of truth and love. Therefore health is not a condition, a state or a result of man’s test. Furthermore, if health is not produced by a formula, determined by a test and decided by what each person deems reasonable but it is who we are individually and collectively and we are designed to be “healthy”, then though we can be weakened and strengthened, we cannot be determined “unhealthy” nor more than we can be “nonhuman.”

More than ever, we must realize to have any hope of preventing, reversing and treating diet-related disease and sickness…Then we must resurrect health’s truth to be set free of this nihilistic philosophy that has constructed this reasonable, ridiculous, superficial, subjective, deadly and manmade “health”system.

As you can probably tell, I am angry at the pseudo “health” industry that fuels and is fueled by the diet-related sickness and disease found in the mass majority of Americans. I am also angry that we are still refusing to acknowledge and address the diet-related disease and sickness found in ourselves. Everywhere we look, we can clearly see that we are all suffering from and participating in a culture that condones, encourages, justifies and supports diet-related disease and sickness.

We don’t need more “studies” on diet-related disease and sickness. The results that we have experienced year after year and decade after decade clearly prove that the epidemics of today cannot be prevented, treated or reversed by a diet, a workout, a degree, a program, a pill, a procedure or any type of new technology because what we we are experiencing is not an information crisis, technology crisis or treatment crisis but a truth/love crisis. This means we are experiencing an identity crisis, a relationship crisis, a language crisis, a meaning crisis, a community crisis, a food crisis and an environmental crisis.

Who can deny that we have an epidemic of diet-related disease and sickness because we do not know or have forgotten how we are designed to receive and give love and truth, we don’t know how to live or why we live, and we are not aware nor do we understand how and why we are interconnected, interrelated and interdependent to all things? It is because of this not knowing or forgetfulness that we are not only destroying creatures and creation, but we are destroying ourselves.

It is time for us to Wake up. We must remember how we are designed to be a giver and receiver of everything that is right, good and true. Every living creature has been given as an amazing and much needed gift to this place, this time and this people. We don’t have to live like parasites fighting over the crumbs of results or the crumbs of a superficial/ meaningless curated existence. We can stop being controlled by our appetites to consume by remembering who we are and how we are naturally designed to be healthy, whole, holy and human.

Now for the genius, who has been having this conversation for quite a long time and at a much deeper level than a simpleton like myself, I give you Wendell Berry and his essay ‘Health is Membership” 1994

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