Look for Truth

If we want to resurrect our local economies and have any type of control over our places, our lives, our food and our health, then we must do the work of educating ourselves. Instead of being quick to offer our opinions and commentary, why don’t we read a book or an essay from someone who has taken the time to think through the matter for a very long time.

Wendell Berry has written for 60 plus years on rural communities, agriculture and personal responsibility. He is an amazing witness of truth, who can help us think through this place we find ourselves. Particularly, this place of complete dependence on a global economy, at the mercy of a handful of corporations, under the spell of consumerism, trusting in an oligarchy, believing in our own political party’s propaganda and arguing over things that do not matter.

I would love to know if anyone has an interest in reading Wendell Berry and discussing? I would love the opportunity to start a conversation and stop the commenting because the commenting gets us nowhere.

“A total economy, for all practical purposes, is a total government. The ‘free trade,’ which from the standpoint of the corporate economy brings ‘unprecedented economic growth,’ from the standpoint of the land and its local populations, and ultimately from the standpoint of the cities, is destruction and slavery. Without prosperous local economies, the people have no power and the land no voice.” The Total Economy, Wende Berry , 2000

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