The foolish man built his house on the sand

It’s kind of hilarious and incredibly sad to think that if we lost our phones or the ability to access the internet that we would lose our so called “community.” In addition, to the fragile tie that binds us to our “friends”, I ask you to think about why neither Facebook nor any other social media platform will ever be a real “community.” As a result, it will never be a place where wise men and women spend a lot of time and energy. But where 2 are gathered and begin to LIVE in love and truth with one another, there health, wholeness and holiness can be practiced and strengthened in spirit, heart, mind and body.

“Community is built on the unity, of whole, healthy and holy individuals, who are the whole and the wholeness of the one.

For a true community to be founded in the first place and to be healthy and sustainable, it must rest on the bedrock of mutual trust among its members, as eloquently penned by Wendell Berry:
…a community does not come together by covenant, by a conscientious granting of trust. It exists by proximity, by neighborhood; it knows face to face, and it trusts as it knows. It learns, in the course of time and experience, what and who can be trusted. It knows that some of its members are untrustworthy, and it can be tolerant, because to know in this matter is to be safe. A community member can be trusted to be untrustworthy and so can be included. But if a community withholds trust, it withholds membership. If it cannot trust, it cannot exist.

For example, when a community loses its memory, its members no longer know each other. How can they know each other if they have forgotten or have never learned each other’s stories? If they do not know each other’s stories, how can they know whether or not to trust each other? People who do not trust each other do not help each other, and moreover they fear each other. And this is our predicament now. Because of a general distrust and suspicion, we not only lose one another’s help and companionship, but we are all now living in jeopardy of being sued. 

In this difficult time of failed public expectations, when thoughtful people wonder where to look for hope, I keep returning in my own mind to the thought of the renewal of the rural communities. I know that one resurrected rural community would be more convincing and more encouraging than all the government and university programs of the last fifty years, and I think that it could be the beginning of the renewal of our country, for the renewal of rural communities ultimately implies the renewal of urban ones. But to be authentic, a true encouragement and a true beginning, this would have to be a resurrection accomplished mainly by the community itself. It would have to be done, not from the outside by the instruction of visiting experts, but from the inside by the ancient rule of neighborliness, by the love of precious things, and by the wish to be at home.”

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