Remember Who You Are

Maybe it’s time, we took a hard stop and pondered anew what the Almighty can do and wants to do through you.

Maybe it’s time we stopped looking for comfortable opportunities to share our thoughts and prayers, and accepted the responsibility to be the presence of God right now in the present moment by creating the space to become the people we are designed to be, live in a way that nourishes everything and everyone in our lives and encourages our neighbor to be and do the same.

We are living at a critical time when we do not have the luxury to mince words or waste time building self-validating platforms by ridiculously nuancing and reducing fundamental truths to sellable formulas, profitable platitudes and self-glorifying posts. When will we put our egos aside and accept the truth that there is nothing new under the sun, and at best we are simply echoing a divine truth that we have graciously been led to through our own sanctifying journeys or (at worst) we have just totally copied and taken out of context what someone said much better than we ever will hundreds or thousands of years ago.

Seriously, we must find a real way to get over ourselves in order to find our true-selves and be a difference maker. The world is literally dying, we are suffering from epidemics of loneliness, diet-related disease, addiction, depression and physical breakdown. We don’t have time to beat around the bush because the bush is about dead and the path around the bush is completely worn out.

Wake up! The most popular social media platform personas do not inspire anyone nor do they encourage us to go live our own beautiful, hard, crazy, amazing lives! Stop consuming someone else’s fake life, hand picked experiences and highly filtered false-self. Deep down we know better. We know we were made for more, that we need less, and that we all have the capacity and constitutions to live lives that are full of bumps and bruises, successes and failures, humiliations and achievements, happiness and sadness, love and fear, and lots and lots of mystery!

One can curate content but we absolutely cannot curate life. Life is to be lived. Relationships require presence. Friends are people we KNOW. The present moment is a gift where we can receive and give our whole person, and nourishing our health was always supposed to be a practice that simultaneously nourishes everything in you and everyone around you with love and truth that is given and received in relationships.

Stop building personas, platforms and walls, where you’ll have a birds eye view of seeing our world burn to the ground and start building relationships with real people in real time and space. We desperately need people willing to be good human beings and abundantly less people influencing us to consume.

To resurrect life, to recover truth, to restore love, to reconcile relationships, to reconnect with creation and to redeem the time we have been given requires a decision to stop being a consumer and living on autopilot. We must create the space to step away from our current culture and rebuild a foundation of truth and understanding so that we can start to filter the massive amount of information, misinformation disinformation and ridiculous advice that we receive on a daily basis. Likewise, we must be willing to simply create the space to Breathe, Listen, Ask, Look and Move to return to the basic practice of nourishment that freely gives us rest and helps us remember who we are and how we are naturally designed to be the light, the love, the hope and the help that we all desperately need!

Take the steps needed to practice strengthening your health by rediscovering simplicity, solitude and nourishment in your daily life. There’s no time to waste. We need you!

The most healthy choices, places, people and practices are those that encourage, enable and inspire us to go live our own beautiful, hard, crazy and amazing lives in real relationships and in the communities where real pain, brokenness, trauma and hurt lives.

Without a doubt, we all know the life we curate online is not us and that we were made for more. Don’t be afraid to go live. Today is a gift given to you, you are a gift given to today. Go receive your gift. Go give your gift. Breathe, Listen, Ask, Look and Move!

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