Fed A Lie: Diet-related disease and sickness and the Coronavirus

Excerpt from Fed A Lie

Diet-related disease and sickness and the Coronavirus

Prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the world was dealing with its own self-inflicted epidemic. Of course, we didn’t (for some strange reason) give 11 million global deaths a year from diet-related disease and sickness nonstop international media coverage, keep up with its daily, weekly or monthly death toll, discuss the economic toll diet-related disease and sickness have taken on our nation or hear personal testimony after personal testimony from individuals who were living with and dying from diet-related disease and sickness. For the most part over the last 50 years, we have become deaf, dumb and blind to study after study on diet-related disease and sickness and how it has wreaked havoc on every part of our world. Even though, at the present moment, diet-related disease and sickness now affects over 88% of Americans.

It is mind boggling how close of attention that we have paid to the Coronavirus Pandemic while we have spent years denying, distracting, defending and disassociating ourselves from our own poor health and the massive amounts of data, studies, articles published on diet-related disease and sickness and their negative effects on people, communities, schools, businesses, farms, churches, the environment and governments.

If anything good has come out of the Coronavirus Pandemic, then it is that it has clearly shown us how our health is interconnected, interrelated and interdependent on all people, places and things.

Yet, we have denied this truth for decades and we have supported, without hesitation, the very businesses and industries producing and profiting from feeding our insatiable appetites for artificially curated drinks, and dopamine primed foods that keep us in a drug like state to not only deny our own physical reality, but keep us coming back for more. Looking at the physical results alone in our very own bodies, it is absolutely clear that we have bought hook, line and sinker into a curated consumer lifestyle that not only makes us sick, but denies the truth, distracts us from our responsibility and deflects us from the reality that we are sick and suffering from diet-related sickness and disease.

In refusing to look at our health for decades, we have now made ourselves, our families, communities, schools, businesses, churches, farms, towns, cities, governments, economies, country and world, very susceptible to the Coronavirus pandemic and its economic, physical, mental, emotional and relational side effects. But now that the Coronavirus Pandemic has caused considerable death and destruction, the question that I have is “Do we allow the Coronavirus to help us have a long overdue conversation about our health and the policies, businesses, systems and industries that have done everything possible to help us become gluttonous consumers?”

It is hard to ignore that in the midst of an uncontrollable pandemic that we have been given the opportunity to bring awareness to the “underlying health conditions” (better known as our consumer lifestyles) that have been slowly killing us for years. Perhaps if anything, the Coronavirus has given us the chance to not only see how our curated consumer lifestyles are killing us, but to break free from these parasitic industries and businesses that are sucking the life out every square inch of us and our world to feed their unquenchable appetite for more money, power and privilege.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is lining up to be one one the most devastating pandemics that we have experienced in our lifetimes but it is NOTHING compared to the millions of lives lost each year from the epidemic of diet-related disease and sickness, and the epidemic that we can also blame for the current Coronavirus Pandemic’s death rate. But to see this truth…it would mean that we would need to look at ourselves and the choices, habits, beliefs and entitlement that we have built our consumer lifestyles from and on. To admit this truth means that we would need to stop talking about the Coronavirus for a minute and create the space to understand how we (collectively and individually) got here and what is our personal responsibility in all of this. Futhermore to understand how we collectively arrived here, we need to first look at ourselves as individuals, which is why I have chosen to write directly to you, the individual.

My hope is that you, the individual, will not miss the opportunity that you have been given to have an honest conversation about what you are doing and not doing, done and have not done to sabotage the health of yourself and how your health affects your family, friends, neighbors, communities, environment and economy. I hope we can have a conversation that creates the space for us to see that our way, our truth and the consumer lifestyle that we have chosen, participated in and have used to justify our choices, our gluttonous appetites and our identity as consumers. I want you to see that we have been given a real opportunity to look at ourselves.

If anything the repsonse to the Coronavirus pandemic forced us, in many ways, to stop consuming and it forced us to be still. It literally stripped us of our distractions, pushed us out of our consumer loops and denied us the right to consume what we want, when we want and how we want. Believe it or not, we were given the disruption that we have desperately needed for a long time to have any hope of becoming aware of our consumer lifestyles and to see how they reflect who we believe ourselves to be and determine how and what we do.

Do we dare look, so we can start to deal with what we have been trying to deny for years? Do we take this opportunity to see if our consumer lifestyles are not just a distraction but a contradiction to the truths that we say we believe? Are we willing to look at the hypocrisy, blindness and entitlement that have produced and sustained our consumer lifestyles? Has the Coronavirus given us the opportunity to see the truth that we are the main reason why we are sick and we are the main factor to prevent, reverse and treat the diet-related disease and sickness that has made us most susceptible to the Covid 19 pandemic?

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