Fed A Lie: Truth Sets You Free

The Truth will set us free but first we must be able to give it and receive it. But I wonder if the truth is too hard for us to swallow and we must first rebuild the muscles in our mouths to chew it and strengthen our stomachs to handle it? Perhaps, we are at the point where we cannot handle any truth that is not filtered through a joke, soft served in an entertaining show, presented in a way that we don’t have to do anything but open our mouths and swallow. At the same time, praying, wishing and believing in some new technology to absolve us from any effort, time or responsibility of doing what we needed and should have been doing on a daily basis to prevent, treat and reverse diet-related disease and sickness.

Given everything that has happened, do we really have the time to keep beating around the bush and pretending the truth can and must bear the responsibility to find a way through the daily noise and nonsense that we fill our consumer lifestyles with and indirectly, gently and softly say that we are really sick. I am sorry but the truth doesn’t usually work that way. Although, truth will eventually come to the surface whether we recognize it or not and truth is all around us, we must want to see it. And to see truth, you must want to know the truth and to find the truth, you have to be willing to tell the truth about yourself, your choices and habits, your consumer lifestyle, your responsibility in it and the results from it. 

I am not going to lie, I was beginning to think that people really didn’t care about the truth and as a result, they didn’t care about their health. But…I don’t believe that anymore. I have seen way too many people freak out over the last few months and rightly so because living and dying is not a joke. Our health matters and not just to us but to everyone. Whether we like it or not and even if we refuse to admit it, we are all interconnected, interrelated and interdependent. Because of what each one does and does not do affects all things, we are not collectively or individually entitled to be sick. Likewise, the fat food restaurants, soft drink companies and junk food industries are not entitled to make billions off serving foods that make us sick.

At every level, there should be some responsibility and forced accountability for businesses, industries and systems that groom, prime, use and abuse their place, position and power to set us up to fail and to be sick. See, the truth does matter and it matters at every level because we need to see that we have been staring death in the face for a long time. My purpose here is to tell you the truth and I believe you might have a chance to hear it because a lot of the noise and nonsense have been removed. We have had weeks, where we have been locked in our homes and forced to think about a virus and the potential of viruses after this one that can strike when, where and who it wants. 

What are we thinking? Is this the point where we just give up or is this the point where we start looking at what we can do to control the things that we can take control of like exercising, drinking water, eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, getting in a good sleeping routine, breathing fresh air and asking ourselves some questions about our health? The truth is that if we started to take responsibility for our own selves and the choices we make, then it would force all these businesses and industries that need us to be unhealthy and continue in our unhealthy consumer lifestyles to also take responsibility and be held accountable for filling us, our grocery store, schools, businesses, movie theaters, sporting events and theme parks with pure junk.

Chapter from Fed A Lie

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