Where’s the anger?

While it’s important to question what we have spent on the Afghan War-the following comparison gives us perspective. With this in mind, let us remember…

“In 2020, healthcare costs totaled $3.5 trillion, 85 percent of which was to manage diet-related chronic diseases.” In other words, we spend over 2 trillion A YEAR on disease and sickness that we cause ourselves by what we do and do not eat.

Afghan War has cost American taxpayers $2T+.

$2 Trillion Equals:
•End homelessness: $20B
•Insulin for diabetics: $40B
•Universal Pre-K: $60B
•SNAP for 40M Americans: $80B
•Universal 4-yr-college: $70B
•Cancel all medical debt: $140B
•Cancel all student debt: $1.6T



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