We have everything we want
We want nothing that we need
Dare we legislate morality
And avoid our own idolatry

Are we not permanently blinded
By the logs in our eye
How can we not see our own sin
As we spread the serpent’s lies

But, who among us
Can cast a stone
When we all bow down
To our damn phone

Brothers and sisters
Are we not the same
Using God’s gifts to avoid our guilt
Using God’s gifts to deny our pain

Who among us
Is not playing the game
Worshiping the economy
Deflecting the blame

Who is not using creation
As a means to our end
Who are we to pretend
That greed is not our friend

We are consumers
To capitalism, we lie prostrate
Our consumer lifestyle is maintained
By the idols we curate

Commentating is our language
Regurgitating is how we speak
Our reasons are nonsensical
Our words are empty and weak

We are not creators
Of truth or of love
Nor do we try to imitate
The God-man from above

Have we been sent to devour
Who we are called to love
Has the Spirit not rested on us
Like that of a dove

Look in the mirror Candace
What do you see
Is it Christ your imitating
With the whitewashed words you speak

Who are you
To call someone a stain
Is your mouth an open tomb
Attempting to cast shame

Friend, where is your cross
I guess you’ve not found
Crosses do not stand
On our own moral high ground

Nor on the platform
In your social media career
The cross is for you to carry
Not used to inflict fear

You say you’re religious
A Christian at that
Is this The Way of Love
To tweet and attack

Indeed, we are all fools
To think we follow Christ
When we’ve not emptied ourselves
Nor have we sacrificed

Comfort and security
Money and success
Fame and power
Christ did not profess

Are we heavy laden
When our sins are held with ease
Why would we need Jesus
When we can do and say as we please

So, no more talk of righteousness
We sold our birthright long ago
On the wide road, we now crawl
Consuming and sowing seeds of woe

What will it take for us to realize
What we desperately need
Is not to judge and castrate
But to turn the other cheek?

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