Weight loss and the 5 Ds

As I was thinking back over my 22 years in the diet and fitness industrial complex aka “the health and wellness industry”, I have put together what I believe to be the fastest (and most unnatural ways) that I have lost weight and I have seen others lose weight. I call them the 5 Ds and they include death, disease, drugs, divorce and diets. Yes, I included “diets” in this list, because there is absolutely nothing more unnatural than reducing your whole person to fit into a weight loss formula that makes food the focus and you a variable. Even worse, like divorce, death, disease and drugs, diets don’t just negatively affect your physical health but they deny the interconnection, interrelation and interdependency of your physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and relational health.

I want you to think about how the word diet has the word “die” in it and how diets ask us to divorce ourselves from our ourselves and put to death our feelings, thoughts and anything or anyone who might get in the way of us obeying our weight loss formula. Perhaps, it doesn’t seem strange to us because we have been conditioned to do whatever it takes to lose weight. Even if that means taking drugs that have lethal side effects or depriving ourselves of the nutrients that our bodies desperately need to function how they are designed to live and to prevent, fight and reverse diet-related disease and sickness.

It is my stance, given the fact that we have an epidemic of diet-related disease and sickness, that dieting is one of the main reasons why 88% of Americans have diet-related sickness and disease? Let me ask you, “ Have you ever thought about how diets do not work unless we manipulate calories to lose weight and that doing a diet denies us the finite amount of daily opportunities of filling up on what is good, beautiful and true?” Furthermore, have you ever thought about how diets help us avoid dealing with why we feel the need to go on a diet in the first place.

Still aside from all that common sense and critical thinking. Don’t the numbers alone prove the failure of the diet formula for 88% of Americans? We have the results! Our current reality is that we are experiencing epidemic levels of diet-related disease, sickness and death in our families, friends, neighbors and communities. Consequently, it does not take a rocket scientist to to draw the conclusion that “DIETS DO NOT WORK!” Again, I am not saying that you cannot lose weight on a diet but what I am saying is that the majority of us cannot keep the weight off and our dieting has done nothing to prevent, treat or reverse diet-related disease, sickness and death.

To be completely honest, it has taking me some time to understand why diets don’t work. I have tried to lay out the failure of the diet, fitness, health and wellness industries in my book Fed A Lie. Of course, I highly recommend that you read the book to understand how and why we have developed this insane approach to food and our bodies. Also, I highly recommend the book if are sick and tired of the diet and fitness industrial complex, and now their voices sound like fingernails on a chalkboard. But for the sake of time and to keep this a blog, I will give a truth to why diets don’t work, which is we are not variables.

Go ahead and pinch yourself just to make sure that you remember that you are a living, breathing, thinking and feeling human being who is not naturally designed to diet. Likewise, it is not natural that we take drugs or experience death, divorce and disease. This is why these things are so devastating to our spirits, minds, hearts, bodies and relationships. (I know that drugs, death, divorce, diets and disease are now part of our normal lives but this is not how it was supposed to be.)

Though I believed and bought into the diet and fitness industrial complex’s insanity for a long time, I have now spent the last 7 years calling out the diet and fitness industry because I have witnessed first hand how it has not worked to prevent, treat or reverse diet-related sickness, disease and death- no matter how well you do it. This is why I asking you to take a moment and ask yourself some much needed questions about your experience with dieting and the reality of your current physical condition. Do you have diet-related disease and sickness?

Let us stop this practice of insanity by remembering who we are and how we are naturally designed to be healthy, whole, holy and human. Surely, we all know by now that life is hard enough without a formula dictating how you live. So… for the love of all things that are right, good and true, can we stop using food as a means to some unnatural ends, stop depriving ourselves of the nutrients we need to become our best selves and live our best lives. Today I am asking. No, I am actually begging you to join me and say “No more diets. No more sabatoging our physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and relational health to lose weight.” There’s no better time than right now to receive and give the gift of food and resurrect the practice of nourishing your spirit, heart, mind, body and relationships. Vivealchemy.com

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