Weight loss and the 5 Ds

I was thinking back over my weight loss history and stumbled on the 5 Ds to be the fastest and most unnatural ways that I have lost weight. Yes, I included “Diets” in this list because there is absolutely nothing more unnatural than reducing your whole person to fit into a weight loss formula that makes food the focus and you a variable. Consequently, I believe diets, like divorce, death, disease and drugs affects not just our physical health, but our spiritual, emotional, mental, relational and communal health.

Think about how the word diet has the word “die” in it and how diets ask us to divorce ourselves from our ourselves and put to death our feelings, thoughts and anything that gets in the way of us obeying the weight loss formula. Perhaps, it doesn’t seem strange to us because we have been conditioned to do whatever it takes to lose weight, even if that means taking drugs that have lethal side effects or depriving ourselves of the nutrients that we need to live.

Have you ever stopped to consider if dieting could be one of the main reasons why 88% of Americans have diet-related sickness and disease? Have you ever thought about how diets do not work unless we manipulate calories to lose weight and that doing a diet denies us the opportunities to fill up on the best and most nutritious foods that help to prevent, treat and reverse diet-related disease and sickness, depression and anxiety.

Given the failure of the diet formula for 88% of Americans and the epidemic of diet-related disease and sickness devasting our communities, it is easy to see that diets do not work. They don’t work because we are not variables. Rather, we are living, breathing, thinking and feeling human beings. We are not naturally designed to diet just like who are not naturally designed to take drugs or experience death, divorce and disease, which is why these experiences are so devastating to our spirits, minds, hearts, bodies and relationships. (I know that death and disease are now part of our normal lives but is this how it was supposed to be?)

Join me as I say “No more diets. No more sabatoging our physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and relational health to lose weight.” Let us join hands and return to the basics of health by remembering who we are and how we are naturally designed to be healthy, whole, holy and human. We all know by now that life is hard enough, so stop using food as a means to some unnatural ends, stop depriving yourself of the nutrients you need to be your best self and live your best life. Return to the gift of food and the practice of nourishing your spirit, heart, mind, body and relationships.

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